Start with Technological Change to End with Social Change!

Recently, I was attending few webinars on various Public Awareness Initiatives. As the place of the actual seminar was very far (somewhere in USA) I took a humble support of WEBINAR. I was wondering at every point of time how much effortless our lives have become with the advent of technology. I was using the fastest changing tool of Technology to listen to the slowest expected change in the society. If we talk about the pace with which technology changes which is 100 times faster than Economical change, 1000 times faster than Political change and somewhere 10000 times faster than Social change, we have been neglecting the last one that is Social change over the first that is Technological change. But now the scenario is changing.

The recently released report published by CII (Confederation of Indian Industries) named INDIA DESIGN REPORT says that “Design is something that makes business and social sense at the same time. Design has also evolved over the past years from being a mere function of styling or aesthetics (where form and function are the focus) to design as a process (where design thinking is integrated into the development process)”. As design domain is very huge, according to report Graphic Design which includes Website design, is the 2nd largest Design Industry in India.

Here lies a link. While working with an enthusiastic start up like Velociter, I analyzed how our innovative web design processes are helpful in integrating design thinking and technology with this social development process. One of our clients TOKRI has started with an initiative named ‘Tokri Farm Fresh-Direct from Farmers’. Through this, they are planning to provide monthly subscriptions of vegetables basket over weeks time where they will procure all these vegetables directly from farmers. One has to just visit their website (developed by Velociter Solutions) and get the weekly vegetable baskets at the door step.  Thus technology is leading the path of Social change.

Recently, we have come across a Selfie Boom..Where did that come from. Is it the only reason that our respected Prime Minister flourished this Selfie tradition..Probably that was just a kick point. When we think logically, the answer lies in technology. In the past years, very few rather no mobiles had Front Cameras and people used to request a passerby to capture their picture. With the advent of technology, Selfie stick has taken the position of that passerby and we are welcoming this change stretching our hands long with a smiling face.

It is the same technological miracle that is making people buy online instead of going to market (Styleinme), knowing the status of their new houses being built sitting in the office (Kumar Properties), searching for an appropriate courses of education online (MIT). At the end of the day when I sit back and think am I being a part of this innovative, crazy, driving team of bringing changes in the society? And the answer is Yes when I start my day with Velociter solutions.