Where Eagles Dare Adventures

There’s more than Once-in-a-lifetime : Improvising the Adventure Tourism Experience with cutting-edge tech

Industry : Travel & Tourism

Challenge : Delivering personalized services

The company has grown exponentially in the last decade since it’s inception and found that as the annual number of guests increased, it became increasingly difficult to maintain the  personalized service at the core of its business.

Key benefits

A return guest rate averaging more than 40 percent year on year.

Visibility into Campaign management.

Analytics to improve Marketing effectiveness.

Automated email marketing campaigns based on the workflows setup as per the business needs.

Management of multiple sites/offerings from a single platform.

Analyzing the ROI of each sites in an interactive visual format so as to check the marketing efforts.

Standardised process to gather client information.

Complete history of each transactions made by the client at the sites, spending pattern of sites and customers are analyzed based on certain parameters.


Client has better visibility into their full body of customer data and improved, streamlined sales processes.

Clearly Defined Lead Management – Sales team now follows a very specific sales process for leads, which varies depending on which type of account they are managing to make it more personalized.

Results-Driven Email Marketing Campaigns – Using customized SugarCRM to create and execute targeted email marketing campaigns, client can segment prospects/customers by distinct characteristics/demographics for more tailored marketing messages. Additionally, the system enables to view key metrics around the success of each campaign, including which customers have opened the email. Sales staff can then prioritize follow-up calls to these contacts enabling a higher rate of success.