We used technology to reimagine
a marketplace

We created a multi-layered platform. A portal that ensures that deliveries reach on time is easy to use and also gives users a plethora of choices.


Designing and Development of  an elegant Customer facing website.


Designing and Development of Highly User friendly Android App.


Designing and Development of fully functional iOS App.

Delivery solutions

Android app for various internal employees to manage and deliver orders timely, effectively and efficiently.

So why is this any different?

Offline Orders with the App

If you are offline, you can still check out the products you require and place orders.

Lists of all products ordered till date

This App creates a unique list per customer. Keep track of all the products ordered till date.

Merging Old Traditions with New

Write out a list, take a picture of it and send it to customer service who will call, verify and place the order.


On arrival of delivery you can tick of all the items on your Smartphone.

This app also allows you to:

  • Order by Whatsapp
  • Delivery Time and Date
  • Order by SMS

Going Beyond Shopping

 Health & Budget Management

The app can keep track of details, how many nutrients a family consumes and if they are living up to required dietary specifications. Tokri, will then also provide nutrition tips and recommendations.


Create a list of all your favorites

Sync from server to phone

So what makes the website even more special?

  • Create a shopping list in the search bar
  • Add to the shopping cart via the search bar
  • Compare prices by putting products into common metrics

Optimising Delivery Costs

When an order is placed, Tokri identifies the nearest delivery boy to the specific area. This way, not only are the delivery costs optimized but customers are provided their delivery on time.