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A New Era
in Real Estate

Kumar Properties are a real estate development company that operates out of Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore. With more than 100 completed properties and 25 new properties being made, they wanted to make buying property a much more simple process for their customers.

We therefore created an app that would allow users to look at different property types, fix a budget and book properties and do much more.

Simplifying the Process

The aim of this app is to create a simplistic version of otherwise a complicated process. All that users need to do is as follows:

Select a City > Use the filter tool to find your budget > Select a Property Type

The app then provides you with details of all properties available according to your search. These details include:

About the property > Amenities available > Floor Plan > Photo Gallery

If a property fits your requirements then all one needs to do is book the property. The app allows for payments via the app with different payment gateway options. One can also share the details of the property on social media.


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3d rendering of modern multi-storey residential building
What Makes
this App Unique?

The Virtual Tour

Since many customers live overseas it becomes difficult for them to come to India to inspect the property. Hence, we created a function that allows the buyer to take a virtual tour of the flat. This means that the buyer can go through any apartment thoroughly without having to leave the comfort of wherever they are.


Live Streaming

These days many investors in properties pay in installments i.e. they pay according to the number of floors constructed in a building. Therefore, to ensure transparency for a buyer, cameras were installed on all properties and the app enabled viewing real time live streaming of the site.

Live Chat

With this app a customer service representative is also available 24/7 to answer all your queries through a live chat.

Payment Due

The app also keeps a cost sheet available for you all the time so as to keep track of the finances.

The app also stores all your information as in whatever you have explored via the app.

The app has been a huge success and we are now expanding to not just purchase of property but of renting property as well.