the Gap

Established in 1983 and affiliated to Pune University, MIT boasts of over 10000 students in its various colleges.

For MIT to keep track of each student was a task by itself. The lack of coordination between departments was an issue as well as no direct communication between the University and the students.

We therefore created an online portal that would be an all in one system that would not only create a centralized database but also modernize systems.

Smart Tech

We built a website that keeps track of each student’s records. Not only is this beneficial for the University, but for potential employers as well.

All that companies need to do is inform the placement team of their requirements. These requirements would be posted on the portal and the system would identify potential candidates and notify them of the position available.

The system also supported by an app, kept track of the interview process, how many students were left for placements and so on.

Young indian man holding mobile phone


Attract more employers.
Increase in placement percentage.
Quicker placements.
Higher compensation packages.
Enhanced college brand image.
Reduced burden on placement office.
Reduced cost of placement initiatives.
Attract more students.
Greater student satisfaction.


Quicker placements after graduation.
Better remuneration packages.
Improve self-marketing skills.
Enhance career planning knowledge.
24×7 access to career counselors.
Large choice of job opportunities.
Build career in area of prominent skills, interests


Improve hiring speed and efficiency.
Reduce administrative costs of hiring.
Attract greater response to vacancies.
24×7 access to college.
Overcome geographical barriers to recruitment.