Simplifying Logistics

With the number of businesses online these days, it is imperative to have a back up of technology and logistics to ensure delivery and backend features run seamlessly. And we had to make sure that AVNBiz is able to provide customers and collaborators high-end, seamless and effective logistical solutions.

We also wanted to bring India to the front-end of the ecommerce market by creating logistic systems that would be at par with global standards.

The Challenge

To develop a seamless, easy to use, cost-effective, secure platform that caters to the logistic needs of e-commerce companies. We also had to ensure that there was coordination amongst all players through the various stages of an e-commerce transaction without disrupting the front-end business.

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Thinking Out of the Ordinary

At Velociter, we had to come up with a complete solution that would simplify such a massive task. We came up with a code that was put into various e-commerce websites. This code puts together products, warehouses and their locations and sends this information to AVNBIZ.

AVNBiz evaluates all the details such as pincode to pincode, customer information, whether the order is Cash on Delivery or not, non-cod and based on parameters it will decide the best logistics provider for that particular order.

This is information is then sent to the courier company who then send back a shipping label to AVNbiz who sends it to merchant. The merchant puts the sticker onto the package and sends it off.


Think all this takes a long time?
In reality, this whole process takes only 5mins.

The Benefits

A merchant now has access to many providers and AVNBiz helps find the most cost-effective courier company.

The whole process is much more reliable and faster, thus making it an ideal situation for retailers and courier companies as it results in a vast improvement of customer service.

Further Challenges

One of the biggest challenges faced was that there was a huge cash flow on a daily basis. This meant providing the best system security that is highly responsive.


Every logistic provider is different and this brought them all on to a common platform.

E-commerce is more simplified making it easier for small entrepreneurs and businesses to get a foothold in the market.

It means empowering startups to operate hassle free.


40000+ shipments per day.