E-Governance Projects

We have extensively worked on e-governance projects for govt. of India. We have implemented projects  on:

  • Automation of process in various departments
  • Increasing accountability in departments
  • Increasing transparency in departments
  • Improving communication between citizens and departments  

Software Products Sales & Distribution

We have distributed various software products to Govt. Of India. Products include ERPs, CRMs, E-governance products etc. We have worked on various models with them including:

  • Transfer of Ownership
  • Partial Transfer of Ownership
  • Built, Operate and Transfer Model


We help new companies/products to improve their presence with Govt. Of India using following strategies:

  • Conducting Roadshows in Govt promoted events
  • Promoting Awareness about new-age software products in Education Institutions
  • Implement in various center of excellence institutions setup by Govt. Of India