CA API management documentation and its services

CA API management documentation and its services

CA API gateway or layer 7 API gateway is a segment of software architecture, which sits between the clients or end users and the backend services in the datacenter or data cloud. APIs are kind of a set of protocols and functions, which define how an application service can communicate without knowing how they have been implemented.

You can use this API interface to integrate application services to each other and also you can simplify the development cycles. An API gateway architecture works to accept the incoming requests (traffic), and routes them to the appropriate backend service. It is based on the set of rules and the policies defined by the business or organization, and then it returns the appropriate results to the end user or clients.

CA API management documentation

An API gateway is part of the overall API management system. API management and its documentation is a vast discipline, which includes the process of creating, managing, publishing, reporting, and also monetizing APIs sometimes.

It depends on the needs of every organization and the application portfolio; you may need both API gateway and the other management tools. Here, you need to see if the existing CA layer 7 API gateway can support your needs of the new applications and the infrastructure in addition to the existing services.

What can you do with an API gateway?

An API gateway works to intercept all the incoming traffic and then route it to the suitable backend service in compliance with the policies and rules developed by the administrator.

Architecturally, the API gateways consist of a control plane and data plane. The data plane is where the entire traffic is flowing from the external clients and users by the proxies to the backend services. In addition, this is often known as the north-south traffic. The control plane is where the configuration and the policies are defined or maintained.

 Layer 7 switch services

  1. Connect

Layer 7 switch can connect any application workload, which includes

  • Traditional monolithic applications
  • Microservices
  • Serverless functions


It can deploy new application services safely along with the existing monolithic applications and also it ensure the smooth transition.

  1. Controlling

Layer 7 API or CA API can shape and manage your application traffic across the hybrid application portfolio. In addition, it helps you for a seamless customers/users experience with an end-to-end observation for your operational teams.

Layer 7 API management documentation to secure your API

  1. Get up and running fast and hassle-free

If you have decided to use 7 layer API, do not just download it from anywhere. You can see what the API can do and read the entire CA API management documentation. See which API set up fast, and develop code frictionless and add the value immediately.

  1. Releases products faster and reduce the process

Driving the improvements without disrupting the team is always tough. The layer 7 API gateway is a high performant, which helps you to balance the demands of speed, the security, and scale. The layer 7 or CA API gives you the data, which you need, and can make it visible across the teams to increase the velocity.

  1. A solution for a modern software delivery

Layer 7 CA technologies offers a suite of tools, which helps you to transform your business, increase the velocity, and deliver more value to the customers more faster. The Cloud-native, fully-automated, which is able to integrate everything seamlessly from a tricky legacy coding to the latest Kubernetes stack.