What is Intershop support elaborate the basic knowledge

In the world of technology, every business is now digitalized. With the help of technology and tools available online, things are now a few clicks away to sort out. In the same context, Intershop support is now becoming a basic need for e-Commerce business owners. There are thousands of companies providing Intershop support, which helps the business owners to solve technical issues a less time. In this guide, we will elaborate on how to optimize the uptime of your Intershop commerce platform and find solutions for technical issues and payments.

What is Intershop technology?

In the leading world of e-commerce solution that allows the business owners to sell their products online, the Intershop technology is a kind of bridge for the secured transactions. The online stores can be mobile, in-store, via call center, or any other digital sales channels. Intershop technology is a web content management system that allows business owners or users to visually create their products. Intershop support is a tech-based tool in the Ecommerce division.

The right thing for everyone: our support plans

Our support plans adapt optimally to your operation and your requirements. Take a look at our three packages that have proven themselves for years with customers and partners.

Intershop support knowledge base

This is where you will get help. The support portal is available to contact for all aspects of the services. It includes:

  • Knowledge Base
  • Product calendar
  • Contract datasheet
  • Available support tickets

The Intershop commerce suite 

The customer support team of Intershop support is the immune system of the customer’s Intershop platform. The service providers are concerned with your sustainable business success and healthy growth. It has a strong team of Intershop experts who personally take care of the customer’s needs and concerns. Also, in India, the Intershop customers support is ISO-certified, which needs no external service providers.

Support and development in one boat

Regular maintenance releases and source code updates are the key points, which are provided by the Intershop support providers. In addition, these are closely interlinked everywhere within the online sales platform. Their support teams can be reached by email or phone and in an emergency around the clock.

Found and fixed

The Intershop support not only act quickly when the going gets tough, but they also have a lot of experience in the system optimization field. The right thing for everyone in the support plans. All the support plans can be adapted optimally to the user’s operation and requirements.

All essential features of Intershop support including:

  • Instant support by phone call or email
  • Support website and knowledge base
  • More than one contact person will be available for you
  • Product updates, e.g. patches, hotfixes
  • Support, newsletter, and tech-based talk
  • A quick response time within 2 to 6 business hours
  • Basic reports for the Intershop Commerce and Insights

Apart from the above support, Intershop support also provides maintenance support. Therefore, you can grow rapidly and get the additional resources to strengthen your position.


Intershop support has plenty of benefits, which especially has so many pros, and it’s time-efficient, too. Please reach out to us if you are looking for Intershop support. Our team of experts will be happy to support you!